The Better Mousetrap

The Better Mousetrap

In the field of catching mice, there are a lot of different mouse traps to choose from. Each manufacturer is always trying to one up the other and create a product that distinguishes their trap from their competitors. That’s exactly what you’re going to find here with The Better Mousetrap. This is another product where the company truly tried to innovate and solve some of the most common problems involved with the snap trap design.

One of the biggest consumer complaints with snap traps is that they always seem to get their fingers snapped in the trap when trying to set it. The last thing you want to do is chop off a digit when trying to catch a mice. It’s not outside the realm of possibility with some of the more cheaply manufactured snap traps. The Better Mousetrap addresses this with an easy design where you simply squeeze the trap open and it sets itself in place. I read this customer comment on Amazon, and I didn’t think I could say it better myself, so I’ll quote him here:

In contrast to the wooden devices first introduced in early 12th century Europe, these traps are extremely easy to bait, set and place. You have to try really hard to hurt yourself with one of these — in fact, I don’t think it’s possible. The entire design is very clever and the product photo on amazon doesn’t do them justice. A quantum leap forward in trap design.

– Varmint Hunter (Connecticut)

Another nice feature is you’ll never have to touch the mouse. Once you catch it, you can just use the release mechanism by squeezing the lever back and the claw will let go of its catch. After that you simply have to rinse the trap off, bait it, and set it again to catch more mice. As they say it’s “press to set, and squeeze to eject.”

Just like any snap trap, just setting one is not going to solve your mice problem. The experts recommend you set 6 traps per infected room (conveniently they sell these traps in packs of 6). That way you’ll be sure to catch all of the mice that may have had the misfortune of invading your house (I say it’s their misfortune because with a trap like these, they’re going to wish they ended up in your neighbor’s house). If you like your neighbor you could always send them to this web site, so they too can rid their home of mice.

So if you’ve decided that snap traps are the way to go for your mouse control needs, you have a decision to make. My recommendation is to go with either the Snap-E Mouse Trap or The Better Mousetrap. In the snap trap class of mouse traps, they truly are best in class. I don’t think you’re going to go wrong with either of these traps. If you find yourself up against a larger infestation, I would actually recommend getting 6 of each type and varying the trap type. One of the techniques to improve the effectiveness of your anti-mice campaign is to actually vary the techniques and traps used. In some households, the Snap-E trap may catch 10 mice to the Better Mousetrap’s 1 mouse. In other households it may be the exact opposite. It depends on the mice and it depends on the living conditions. Some traps may look more “natural” to a mouse in your home versus another type of trap. You’ll need to experiment to figure out what works best for you, or just use both!

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