Snap-E Mouse Trap

Snap-E Mouse Trap

If you’re looking for a durable snap trap that will catch mouse after mouse, then look no further than the Snap-E Mouse Trap. In the overall mouse trap hierarchy, this would be classified as a snap trap. This is a very well designed mouse trap that has several advantages over the traditional wooden snap traps. You can say technology really upgraded a tried and true method of killing mice with this one.

So what makes the Snap-E Mouse trap special when compared to your regular garden variety snap trap? The most notable is that it’s made with a polystyrene and steel construction. That means that this trap is very durable and easy to clean. The problem with wood is that it tends to absorb moisture and other animal fluids during a kill. With the polystyrene construction it doesn’t absorb like wood which means it resists both stains and odors. That makes this trap economical and readily available year after year. You don’t have to replace it after one kill, just clean it and re-deploy.

Another benefit of the Snap-E Mouse Trap is the pre-formed bait cup. This has several advantages. First, it makes baiting the trap easier because there is a well defined location for the bait. It also ensures that you’re baiting the trap in the location that will best position the mouse for a kill shot when the trap is activated. This reduces the chances of bait stealing. From what I gather about the trap from various sources, it’s not 100% effective in achieving its goal, but it’s a lot better than the traditional wooden snap trap.

This mouse trap also has an oversized trip paddle to trigger the snapping mechanism. This makes the trap more agile and enables it to catch a mouse from whichever angle it approaches the trap, whether it’s from the front, back, or the sides. This is important because the mouse isn’t necessarily going to approach the trap from the ideal angle. A highly desirable feature of any mouse trap is that it can appropriately account for this, and that’s what the large trip paddle accomplishes.

Snap-E Mouse Trap Vertical Strike Bar The final thing I want to mention about this trap that shows you how well thought out the design is has to do with the strike bar. The Snap-E Mouse Trap is designed to have a vertical strike bar that effectively halves the distance it has to travel to catch a mouse. A typical wooden mouse trap requires the strike bar to be pulled all the way back to the opposite side of the trap so that it’s horizontal. As you can see from the picture on the right, the strike bar on this mouse trap is vertical. This cuts down on the time the mouse has to react once it triggers the trap. This should directly translate into a higher success rate.

Overall the Snap-E Mouse Trap has an intelligent design that is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deploy snap traps to deal with their mouse problem. Its solid construction and durability make it a top choice that won’t leave you running back to the store after every mouse you catch to repair a broken trap.

Don’t take my word for it though. Check out all of the satisfied customers by reading the reviews on Amazon. You can purchase the trap individually, but assuming you want to take the advice of the experts by deploying multiple traps in the affected area, there is also a 6-pack available.

As always, I’d like to hear your feedback with this mouse trap, so please share your experiences if you’ve used it. If I am recommending it to my visitors, I want to make sure that when you read this, it’s still the quality trap it was when I wrote this.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Warren Says:

    TheseSnap-E traps are much better than the victor traps. Set them up yesterday and caught 4 mice overnight. It’s also very clearly designed so that if you accidentally set them off yourself, which is hard to do, you won’t snap it on your finger like with the Victor.

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