Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap

The two traps I’ve previously reviewed on this were the Agri Zap Rat Zapper and the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap. Both are good at what they do, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. What I want to review in this article is yet another electronic mouse trap that gets the job done. One of the most appealing aspects of this mouse trap is that it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the other electronic mouse traps that I’ve reviewed. The trap I’m talking about, in case you didn’t catch the title, is the Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap.

This is the second electronic mouse trap from Victor that I’m reviewing on this site, so I should start off by pointing out one of the primary differences. The most notable is that this trap is not a multi-kill unit. What I mean by that is it can’t catch more than one mouse at a time. It is definitely reusable – you just have to dispose of the mouse after each successful catch. That’s not a big deal. It’s just like any other “regular” trap. What’s so appealing about this electronic mouse trap is that you can buy 5 of these traps for a single Victor Multi-Kill trap. This is a HUGE advantage because now you’re playing the numbers game (and you’re starting to tip them into your advantage). If you deploy one trap, you’re only going to catch a mouse if it wanders in that ONE area. If you deploy 5 traps, you have FIVE OPPORTUNITIES for that mouse to come across your traps. If you think that increases your odds of catching a mouse, you’re right.

The biggest problem with mouse traps is not that they don’t work, it’s that people don’t use them properly. The most important thing to consider when catching mice is LOCATION. If you deploy a mouse trap where the mouse aren’t at, you’re not going to catch any mice. If you deploy 5 traps, and 2 or 3 of them are where the mice are, you have a really good chance of catching mice. That’s one of the reasons why I love this electronic mouse trap.

So now, you may be wondering whether or not this trap works. Yes, it does. It works pretty darn well, but there are some things you should know to get the best results. First of all, when you deploy the trap, you want to make sure that the electrodes are clean. After a kill, use a Q-Tip or something similar to remove any hair or other debris from the electrodes. More importantly, make sure you don’t have any bait on the electrodes. You don’t want to shock the peanut butter! That will simply drain the battery or insulate the mouse from the electrical shock.

Another important thing to recognize, and this applies to all mouse traps, is that you shouldn’t put excessive bait on the trap. You don’t need to put a huge mound of peanut butter on the trap to attract mice. The goal is not to get a mouse to SEE it (mice have horrible eye sight!). It’s to get them to SMELL it. A trace amount of bait is all it takes to trigger a mouse’s keen sense of smell. Scrape a little bit of peanut butter on the bait station, and you’re set. You’re just trying to get the aroma on there, not provide a healthy food source for the mice.

What you also get with this trap is the normal benefits with electronic mouse traps. The effective kill rate is higher because once a mouse is properly positioned, it’s zapped and rendered lifeless. It’s very humane because this kill occurs within a few second of contact. A snap trap or glue trap, on the other hand, is extremely inhumane in comparison. Consider a mouse that triggers a snap trap that is not optimally placed. It could be squealing and trying to escape the trap for an hour before it finally dies. How about being stuck to a piece of paper so long that you try to chew your limbs off to get yourself free (hardly humane). An electronic shock administered to the mice is over in a few seconds, and the mouse is unconscious before it’s dead – it literally doesn’t even know what hit him.

This trap has an LED that blinks whenever a mouse is caught. This only blinks for 24 hours before turning off, so you should check this trap daily. If you haven’t checked it in the last 24 hours, you’ll want to open it up and look inside to make sure you didn’t miss anything. The reason the light turns off after a while is because you don’t want a blinking light to drain your battery. You want to save the juice to kill mice, not flash a light – it makes sense when you think about. Similarly, when the trap is turned on, the light stays illuminated for 2 seconds to provide notification that it’s working. It then turns off – don’t be alarmed, the trap is still engaged. It’s just conserving battery.

Finally, for the squeamish at heart, what you want to know is if you have to touch it. No. Once you catch a mice, all you have to do shake the mouse free from the trap. You don’t have to pry back a spring loaded bar to free the mouse from the trap. You don’t really need to look at it even. Just shake it into the garbage can, and once you’ve done that pop open the lid to clean it off. Don’t worry – you’re not going to find any blood or guts inside of this trap. Worst case you’ll see a little bit of hair. Big deal – it’s not a dead mouse.

So that’s about all I have to say about this Victor mouse trap… If you’re wondering how long the batteries last… A set of four AA batteries will get you around 50 kills. Deploy a few of these, and you’re going to have a pretty potent defense against a mouse infestation.

Don’t take my word for it about this mouse trap, check out the reviews on Amazon. You’ll have the low ratings, as you would with any product, but I attribute it primarily to user error. If you deploy this trap the way I’ve described, without over baiting the product, it’ll catch mice without a problem.

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  1. Bill C. Says:

    What is the best to clean the trap? Soap and water on a Q-tip? I tried that and the led after a few minutes started blinking again. I used a little hand sanitizer that cleaned it better, must have been a thin film between the contacts. Is there something better that the mice can’t smell?

    Thanks everyone,

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