Agri Zap – Rat Zapper Ultra

You might be wondering why I’m writing about the rat zapper, when this is a site about mice. There is a reason for that, and that’s simply because this “rodent trap” works. It works on both rats and mice, so if you’re not sure what type of rodent you have in your home, this is a perfect fit. If you do know it’s a mouse infestation, well this still might be a perfect fit for you because, well…. it just works. If you’re looking for an electronic mouse trap that works, then you look no further… that is why you’re here, isn’t it?

The Agri Zap Rat Zapper Ultra is an electronic mouse trap that administers a high voltage electric shock to whatever rodent wanders into its chamber. It’s claim to fame is that if it fits in the chamber, the rat zapper can will dispatch them. Keep that in mind if you have any cute little mouse hunters…. errr, I mean…. kittens running around the house!

The rat zapper is not a huge device and is a perfect fit for placement in areas frequented by mice. The trap is baited with ordinary food. I am a fan of the peanut butter, but you can also use different types of pet foods as well. The most important thing to remember is that the trap works, but does your bait? If you’ve had the trap for a week and you know you have ten mice running around your house… if it doesn’t kill any mice for you, it’s not the trap. I would guarantee that it’s the bait. Try experimenting with different baits – what works for one household may not work for mice in yours.

One of the noteworthy features of this electronic mouse trap is that it has an indicator light that flashes when a mouse is killed and in the compartment. I’m sure you’ll find a bit of pleasure checking the trap to see the light illuminated, realizing that you have one less mouse in your home. The other nice thing is that disposal is extremely easy. All you have to do is pick up the trap and tilt it into the garbage can. The mouse slides right out. You don’t have to worry about washing blood and guts from a snap trap or other mechanical device. All you have is a dead mouse, lying there in peace, almost as if it had died of natural causes. No smashed heads or broken bones. No blood, no guts, and no mess.

One of the biggest complaints you’ll read about the rat zapper is that it has a limited battery life. Of course batteries don’t last forever, but you can expect to kill at least 30 mice with 4 alkaline D-sized batteries. It also boasts a 2 year standby period (it won’t take that long to kill your mice, trust me). That’s quite a few mice on one set of batteries. It is likely that review is for the first iteration of the device that used AA batteries. The ULTRA version uses larger batteries and consequently has a longer lifetime. Just think about how many snap traps you’ll have to deploy to catch 30 mice (and think of the cleanup too – you’re either throwing the snap traps out or wiping the blood from the metal bar or teeth). With an electronic mouse trap, you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. The mice is dead, and you dump it out when the little light is on.

In the class of electronic mouse traps, the agi zap rat zapper is a front runner. Even though it’s designed to kill rats, it can handle mice without even breaking a sweat. Though it is more expensive than deploying traditional mouse traps this year, over the lifetime of this device, it will surely pay for itself year after year. You do want to get rid of mice with a mouse trap that works, right? If you want to know where to buy the rat zapper, your best bet for the lowest price is to click here to go to Amazon. While you’re there, you can check out the overwhelmingly positive reviews. When 80% of the reviews are 4-star or better (for a mouse trap), you know you’ve got yourself a winner.

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