Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor Multi-Kill Mouse Trap

What kind of website would this be if I didn’t give you a choice to decide what would the best mouse trap that works for you and your needs. The next one I want to review for you is manufactured by a name very well known in the pest control industry, Victor. The Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is their entry into the electronic class of rodent trap, and it’s a strong one at that.

If I started out by saying that this is the best electronic mouse trap on the market, you’ll probably continue reading this article through the eyes of a skeptic. Reading that at the start of the article may make you decide “NEXT” as you continue your seemingly never ending quest to find a mouse trap that works. Do yourself a favor and take the time to read this one through to the end. On this website, I don’t want to give you a big sales pitch on why you need to buy this trap or that trap. I want to give you the facts so you can make an educated decision. That being said, this is a pretty darn good electronic mouse trap.

The engineers that designed the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap have done an excellent job building a trap that plays into the natural instinct of mice. The most notable thing you’ll find is the tunneled staircase designed to draw mice in. Mice don’t like to be in wide open spaces. Their natural tendency is to hug the walls or travel in tight places that offer the most protection. When mice are in their natural habitat in the wild, if they run across the middle of an open field a bird or snake will pick them off without much effort. If they crawl through rocks and in tunnels, it makes them less exposed to their natural predators. This instinct plays in here as well as they seek out the small dark places. The staircase was lab tested to improve the efficacy of drawing the mice into the trap. That’s why you find it in this high end design.

From a usability perspective, the trap is unrivaled. One of the big problems with typical snap traps or glue traps is that you have to frequently check them to see if they’ve caught anything. If they did catch something, or if the mouse tripped the trap and got away cleanly, the trap is no longer doing it’s job. It works once and it’s done until you interact. That’s the beauty of the Victor Multi-Kill Trap… it’s MULTI KILL. That means, you can deploy it, and overnight it can catch up to 10 mice before the chamber needs to be emptied. Mice are lured into the trap by some bait (peanut butter, oats, whatever…). The tunneled staircase design helps to draw the mice in and up to the top where there is a shock chamber. Once the mice enters this chamber, the Victor mouse trap springs into action and administers a fatal shock to the mouse that is 100% effective. There’s no chance of a mouse entering that chamber and coming out alive. It just won’t happen. Once a kill has been made, the mouse is dumped into a storage chamber and an LED is illuminated to let you know that there is a mouse in the chamber. Whenever it is convenient to you, you can come by and empty the chamber. Now I wouldn’t leave a dead mouse in there for days, but it’s not something you have to check 5 times a day either.

So I’ve told you a lot of the good, and if you check out the product page, they’re going to tell you a lot more good. Now I’m going to tell you the bad. Actually, it’s not that bad, it’s just that you should know what you’re buying before you buy it. This trap is designed to catch house mice. If you have field mice, they tend to be larger and may not fit into this trap very well. I’m not saying it won’t work, but I am saying the effectiveness of the trap may decline against larger mice because you just won’t be able to lure them in. So what do you do if you’re not sure? Buy the Agri Zap Rat Zapper Ultra. Yes, I know it says “rat” in the title, and you’re dealing with “mice,” but this trap works very well and is effective against both rats and mice. Whether it’s tiny little house mice, bigger field mice, or a big fat rat, the Rat Zapper will do the trick. What you lose with the Rat Zapper is the “multi kill” capability, so that’s something to consider before you make the decision to buy one over the other.

One other thing that I’d like to point out about catching mice. You’re not going to eradicate all mice from your home with one trap. That would actually be lucky if you did. To effectively mount an offensive against a growing mice population, you have to deploy MULTIPLE traps. By doing this, you can increase the coverage and thereby increase the likelihood of catching a mouse. One trap is effective only where that one trap is. Multiple traps are effective in multiple places. The point I’m trying to make is that buying one Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap may not be enough to completely get rid of mice. You will likely need to deploy multiple traps. If you have money to burn, you can buy multiple mult-kill traps. If you’re on a budget, I recommend buying inexpensive snap traps in addition to this trap. That way you get trap diversity and increased coverage due to multiple traps.

In summary, if you have a lot of mice and you’re looking for a trap that is a workhorse capable of killing more than one mouse in a deployment… the Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is the one for you. While it does have a hefty price tag, it will more than pay for itself when you’re able to rid your home of mice on your own rather than pay an exterminator to do it for you. You have the knowledge, now all you need to find is a mouse trap that works. The Victor Multi-Kill Mouse Trap works.

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    Thanks for the helpful information. I have two of the Rat Zappers and they work great but the mice keep coming, need to get more aggressive

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