Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap (M038)

Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap

The picture on the left of the Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap is probably exactly what you were imagining when you began your quest for the best mouse trap. It is a very traditional looking snap trap. Its base is made of a flat wooden board, and it has a metal strike bar designed to effectively kill any mouse that triggers the release mechanism.

This trap is somewhat unique in that it claims “no bait required” to catch mice with it. The plastic yellow Swiss cheese shaped trip paddle is impregnated with a scent designed to attract mice. I’m a bit skeptical of claims like this. I have no doubt that the scent attracts mice, but if you saw a plastic molded object that smelled like your favorite food would you jump in and take a bite? I’d say probably not. You might investigate the scent a little bit out of curiosity, just as mice would do, but is that enough to get the mouse properly positioned for strike bar? Maybe, maybe not… if you do choose to purchase this trap, I’d still recommend using a bait like peanut butter to attract mice. Nothing like real food to lure your mouse friend further into the trap.

The traps will work if you deploy enough of them, but you may find the design to feel cheap in your hand. It’s not as solid or well thought out as the Snap-E Mouse Trap. That being said, you can get 4 of the wooden Victor Mouse Traps for the price of 1 Snap-E Mouse Trap. Just remember that you get what you pay for.

From what I can gather, this version of the trap with the plastic trip paddle is of inferior quality to the Victor trap with the metal trip paddle. If you can find the metal version, this trap might not be so sad. It’s not that you can’t catch mice with this Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap, it’s that the name may be a bit of a misnomer. You may find it frustrating to try and set this trap because you’ll likely have a bunch of misfires in the process. The trigger can be very sensitive but it is adjustable depending where you latch the strike bar. The problem is that you need it to be somewhat sensitive so that the mouse can’t just walk all over it, but it can’t be so sensitive that a light breeze sets it off. Finding that balance proves challenging to some.

If you’re still interested in the Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap, you can read the reviews and buy a 4-pack at Amazon for a few bucks – click here to check it out. Before you pull that trigger (no pun intended), I’d highly recommend you reading more about the Snap-E trap I reviewed previously.

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