Mouse Glue Traps

If you’ve done any shopping around for a mouse trap, then you’ve probably run across the class of traps known as the glue trap. Some people may also refer to them as sticky mouse traps because the mice are caught by sticking to the adhesive. The name isn’t what’s important though… What you’re really here to find out is whether or not glue traps actually.

The short answer is yes. You can catch mice with glue traps. The general premise is that there is a very strong adhesive on one side of the trap. When the mouse gets lured to the bait (either placed on the trap or a scent of the glue), it will walk on the trap and get stuck. This is where it gets ugly though. The problem is that the mouse is not killed immediately. As a matter of fact, once it gets stuck it will struggle to free itself from the trap. This is the problem with the glue trap. They are not instant kill, which leaves mice to suffer through a long and painful death.

Glue traps are one of, if not THE, most inhumane type of trap you can deploy to get rid of mice. During a mouse’s struggle, they are known to rip out their own hair exposing raw skin. Some mice even go so far as to chew off their own legs to try and free themselves from the sticky situation. Eventually the mouse will die of starvation, dehydration, or even suffocation. It can take on the order of several hours, even DAYS, to finally kill the mouse using a glue trap.

As you would imagine, the cruelty of these traps has caused numerous animal rights groups to speak out against their use. These groups aren’t necessarily against killing mice that have invaded your home… the mice don’t belong there. What the groups oppose is the cruel and tortuous method for killing them. There are many other types of traps that are equally, if not more, effective than glue traps. They are also much more humane in their kill method. If you’re really concerned about the well being of the mouse, you could even look at humane live catch traps.

The moral of the story: avoid glue traps. Check out some of the other mouse traps that work on this site. You’ll be glad you did.

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One Response to “Mouse Glue Traps”

  1. kelly Says:

    get glue traps for RATS so the mice can’t escape! then, put down the d-con pellets. they come in packs of four but there seems to be a lot in one tray so take some out and put it in other small containers. after it seems you have caught a bunch of them, put Shake-Away around the perimeter of your house (get the kind with fox urine in it, not just the one with the mint scent). the reason i did all this is;

    mice are not humane to me and my kids. they broke my oven and now i can not feed my kids! i am glad i did not kill them so we can starve to death because i am not in a position to by ANOTHER new stove!

    ps: the whole thing about them screaming on the glue traps is crap! they wriggle around a bit, but the traps are anesthetized and they are numbed. better wriggle on there than in my cereal box!!!

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